Social projects

Uralchem companies run various programmes aimed at providing social support to our employees and other stakeholders. These programmes are developed taking into account the interests and needs of the Company's stakeholders.

Medical care

We consider medical care programmes for personnel as a social investment, which is aimed at improving health and quality of life of our employees, and at the same time being a cost-effective investment.

Medical support programmes for employees of the units include voluntary medical insurance at the expense of enterprises, regular medical examinations of personnel at the enterprises' health centers, outpatient care and health-improving procedures, the provision of tours to sanatoriums and health care centers, and seasonal vaccination of employees.

Children and Youth

Care for the younger generation is one of the most important aspects of our corporate social responsibility policy. The Company subsidiaries’ policies for children and youth support are developing in several areas:

  • educational: paying for employees’ children tuition in universities;
  • leisure: organization of children’s summer activities and rest in countryside health camps and resorts, resort zones in southern Russia, excursion trips, and children’s holiday events, as well as the organization of activities according to their interests at music, theatre, dance studios. These efforts also include the employment of high school senior students and universities students during their vacations, and the support of KVN (wit and humor competition) teams and touristic clubs;
  • medical service provision;
  • measures of stimulation and social support: payment of commutations to compulsory-duty army men returning to the Company, support of youth organizations, incentives for active youth based on their performance during each year, hosting professional skills competitions among young workers, and financial support payments to families with many children and disabled children.
Corporate Sports

Physical culture and sports play an important role in health support, teambuilding, and the formation of important personal qualities in people. Therefore, we support sporting programs organized by the Company subsidiaries as much as possible and encourage the sporting initiatives of our employees.

Our corporate sporting activities are varied and engaging. We regularly hold sports holidays, sporting games festivals, and field-and-track and skiing tournaments. We also organize internal Spartakiads, and the winners are sent to regional and all-Russian competitions. Company employees also have the opportunity to go to swimming pools, gyms, and various sports clubs.

We often organize sports and leisure events dedicated to various holidays, including the New Year, Chemists Day, Athletes Day etc. Company employees, especially youthful ones, eagerly participate in summer and winter camping trips and festivals, as well as rafting and other outdoor activities.

Organization of Recreation and Leisure

We are interested not only in the successful and fruitful work of our employees, but also in their appropriate and profound rest. To this end, the Company’s subsidiaries implement organized leisure programs for both employees and members of their families, as well as for the veterans of the Company.

Our subsidiaries’ employees may take their well-deserved rest at the Company’s recreation facilities, participate in activities organized by the Company and those dedicated to various holidays, in addition to participating in talent shows, corporate contests, and cultural and entertainment activities.

Housing Provision

For those employees in need of improvement of their housing conditions, the housing provision program exists, which includes financing of apartment block construction and flat sales to employees at lower prices, flat sales in the secondary real estate market, and the provision of dormitory accommodations for those who need it. Moreover, when necessary, the Company may act as a surety for banks if an employee wants to take a loan.

Employee Financial Support

URALCHEM production subsidiaries use collective contracts, which are one of the most important attributes in the formation of contemporary labor relations between employers and employees. In addition to labor condition provisions, collective contracts set forth social benefits and measures of financial support for employees, including the payment of a one-time allowance, compensation, and granting additional days of annual leave.

A one-time allowance is paid to young specialists at the time of their employment after graduation from technical schools and higher educational institutions, those demobilized from the army at the time of their employment by the company, retiring people, and those people going on annual leave. The Company also subsidizes expensive surgeries and medical treatments, pays allowances in case of a close relatives’ death.

Moreover, in accordance with the collective contract provisions, employees of the subsidiaries receive a 50% compensation cost for certain medical services rendered based on a doctor’s referral; free medical examinations for pregnant women are also provided.

Additional days of paid leave are provided for pregnant women, parents of first-grade children, and Company employees in the case of marriage or a close relative’s death.

Veterans Support

Charitable projects financed by the plants are primarily aimed at support for the subsidiaries’ veterans and pensioners, as well as for the least protected categories of the population in regions where the Company operates, such as orphanages, kindergartens and clubs, schools, disabled children, and war and labor veterans.

Financial aid is provided through the charity funds and directly to the people who need it. Social support is not limited solely by money allocation, but it is also rendered in other forms: Veterans Councils of the subsidiaries organize visits to sick people, veterans' flats are repaired at the expense of the subsidiaries, gardeners receive mineral fertilizers for free, etc.