Social investments

The major share of Uralchem's social investments goes to charity. The Company's activities in this area are carried out within the framework of the following programs:
  • Uralchem ​​for the Children
  • Uralchem for the Veterans
  • Uralchem for the Regions
  • Uralchem for the Education and Science
  • Uralchem for the Cultural Traditions
  • Uralchem for the Sports
The charitable activities of the Company are regulated by the Charity and Sponsorship Policy and are carried out in accordance with the federal laws "On Charitable Activities and Charitable Organizations" and "On Advertising".

The company allocates part of its social investments to support employees of its enterprises. Programs in this area are developed taking into account the interests and needs of employees.

Key indicators 2021:

The total amount of social investments is 642.7 million rubles.