Talents development

Uralchem ​​is convinced that the professional and personal growth of its employees guarantees a successful future. That is why our staff can receive education using various programmes and platforms, including distance learning, and successfully build a career in the Company.

Key corporate employee development programs include:

  • developing internal training centers
  • introducing digital educational services
  • introducing a sectoral system of professional qualifications
  • creating a performance management system

We implement a set of long-term corporate programs in the field of industrial training, managerial potential and leadership development, attracting young people to our enterprises, creating conditions for professional self-realization and career growth, working in three main areas:

  • compulsory vocational training for workers and specialists

  • functional training

  • management training

Uralchem ​​set a course towards digitalization, and already in 2020 2,500 people were trained through online educational platforms. Thanks to the electronic educational platform, the Company can monitor the progress in various courses.

Over the past years, special corporate programs have been successfully operating, which are aimed at developing leadership qualities and shaping thinking based on innovative approaches. For example, the ‘Manager School’ programme is being implemented, in which all line managers of the Uralchem group of companies are participating.

All production enterprises are introducing a system of professional training in the priority jobs for the Company.

  • Over 800 employees completed various programmes of vocational training, professional development and leadership training.
  • About 2,500 employees completed online courses on distant learning trainings.

Attracting and retaining talents

In order to form human resources potential, Uralchem cooperates with 25 educational institutions of higher and secondary vocational education. Under the framework of this cooperation, we attract talented young specialists for practical training and internships, contribute to developing educational programmes, organize ‘Knowledge Days’ and ‘Open Days’, competitions, lectures, and intellectual games, targeted places in universities.

  • In 2020, 95 students completed practical training at the Company’s facilities, in 2021 – 132 students.

The Company's facilities run long-term incentive programs to retain talents.

In order to fill vacancies with internal reserves, the Company runs succession programs. In 2021, the share of vacancies filled with internal reserves was 41%.

Employee engagement monitoring

The Company values ​​its employees and wants to evolve accounting for their opinion. In 2020, Uralchem ​​launched a strategic HR initiative to find out their attitude to the Company as an employer through a survey of all employees. The eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) is an index of net loyalty of employees, which measures satisfaction with the working conditions and commitment to the Company. Uralchem ​​plans to make this research annual, and to find out the opinion of employees on a quarterly basis using other modern tools.