Uralchem stands for the rational use of raw materials and the reduction of production and consumption waste generation. The Company's enterprises take measures aimed at recycling waste and reducing the amount of hazardous waste generated. Uralchem's waste management activities, including hazardous waste management, are regulated by a number of internal documents.

The key environmental activities related to waste management are the following:
  • To decommission electrical equipment containing persistent organic pollutants and dispose of it
  • To reduce hazardous waste generation by replacing mercury, mercury-quartz and fluorescent lamps with LED lamps
  • To organize accumulation sites taking into account the current requirements of environmental legislation
  • To collect waste separately at accumulation sites
  • To transfer part of the waste for neutralization and disposal to third parties
  • Azot Branch is able to neutralize waste (waste oils, wastes containing petroleum products) based on a valid license