Risk management

Risk management is one of Uralchem’s strategic priorities.

Efficient risk management is a prerequisite for ensuring the stability of the financial position, maintaining the reputation and achieving the strategic and operational goals of the Company. Uralchem ​​manages risks in accordance with modern standards of production and management quality, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders as much as possible.

We constantly analyze and refine the applied risk management tools, taking into account external and internal changes, opportunities and challenges in our markets. If we find any deficiencies or opportunities for the development of the risk management system, the Company develops appropriate action plans.

The Company strives to comply with international risk management standards COSO ERM and ISO 31000. Efficient risk management allows us to mitigate or avoid potential negative impacts if they occur, to increase business stability, accuracy of planning and achievement of goals, and minimize the number of unforeseen incidents. A risk assessment procedure accompanies each of the significant business decisions.

The objectives of the Company in the field of risk management are:
  • providing reasonable confidence in the achievement of the strategic and operational goals of the Company
  • ensuring the efficiency of financial and business activities
  • ensuring the safety of assets

The elements of the risk management system are:
  • risks identification
  • risk analysis and assessment
  • measures to minimize risks, including internal controls
  • risk monitoring