Uralchem does not tolerate fraud or bribery in any form and manifestation and undertakes to comply with the requirements of anti-corruption legislation, to identify, prevent and suppress such offenses. Uralchem has developed and approved an Anti-Corruption Policy, which defines the key principles and requirements for preventing corruption and complying with applicable laws.

Our anti-corruption guidelines

Compliance with current legislation and generally accepted standards.
Compliance with current legislation and generally accepted standards. The Company takes anti-corruption measures in accordance with the Constitution, federal laws, and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.
Принцип личного примера руководства
Tone at the top. Uralchem's management plays a key role in fostering a culture of intolerance towards corruption and creating an anti-corruption system at the Company level.
Принцип соразмерности антикоррупционных процедур риску коррупции
Zero tolerance to corruption. Uralchem ​​does not tolerate corruption in any form or manifestation.
Принцип эффективности антикоррупционных процедур
Efficiency of anti-corruption procedures. The Company takes anti-corruption measures that are low cost, allow ease of implementation and bring meaningful results.
Принцип ответственности и неотвратимости наказания
Responsible attitude. In the event that any employee commits an act of corruption in connection with the performance of their work duties, they will be personally liable for their actions, regardless of their position, length of service, and other conditions. The CEO of the Company is personally responsible for the compliance with the internal corporate anti-corruption policy.
Принцип открытости бизнеса
Business openness. The Company informs contractors, partners, and the public about the accepted anti-corruption business standards.
Принцип постоянного контроля и регулярного мониторинга
Constant control and regular monitoring. The Company continuously monitors the efficiency of the adopted anti-corruption standards and procedures, and their implementation.

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