Occupational and Industrial Safety

We recognize our responsibility to society for the creation and maintenance of a safe working environment, the introduction of a safety culture, the resolution of social and economic issues, and the protection of the health of workers and people living in the areas where URALCHEM companies operate.

Our aim in the field of occupational and industrial safety is to introduce a safety-oriented culture, which will help, as far as possible, to decrease the accident rate and prevent emergencies.

In order to achieve this objective, we undertook to:

  • ensure compliance with the requirements of all federal laws and international treaties, as well as industry and corporate standards regulating the operations of chemical companies in the field of health protection, occupational and industrial safety;
  • maintain the priority of scheduled and implemented measures and actions related to the prevention of impacts on personnel and populations instead of taking actions on rectification of consequences of such impacts;
  • analyze potential and actual hazards to employee health during their work activities at all workplaces;
  • reduce hazards and risks to prevent injuries and occupational health problems;
  • involve employees and unlock their maximum potential by ensuring their awareness, training, maintenance of required qualifications, and experience in the fields of occupational safety and health, industrial safety and resource-saving activities.

We are confident that we can achieve sustainable progress in the field of occupational and industrial safety only through the scrupulous promotion of a safety-oriented culture among all employees.

Standards of Organization of Occupational and Industrial Safety Management System

The Company complies with the following standards in the field of occupational and industrial safety:

  • Regulation on Occupational and Industrial Safety Management System
  • Key Safety Rules
  • Notification of Occupational and Industrial Safety-Related Accidents
  • Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment
  • Requirements for Contractors on Ensuring Occupational and Industrial Safety
  • Requirements for the Use of Primary Firefighting Equipment
  • Training and Examination on Occupational and Industrial Safety 

Specialists of the HSE Department provide these documents upon request.