Environmental Responsibility

Our policy in the field of natural resource management and environmental safety ensures compliance with the highest international standards. URALCHEM holding companies work continuously to reduce ecological stress and improve the environmental safety of all operations. Read more

Occupational and Industrial Safety

Our focus and utmost concern is the creation and maintenance of a safe working environment, resolution of social and economic issues, and the protection of health for workers and people living in the areas where URALCHEM companies operate. Read more

Social Accountability

URALCHEM follows the guidelines of accountability for corporate citizenship. The Company also implements programs for professional growth and social support of the subsidiaries’ employees, their families, and residents of the Company’s areas of operation. Within the scope of charity and sponsorship, special attention is paid to the development of sporting activities among children and young people, the support of vulnerable social groups, the actualization of initiatives in the area of education and culture, as well as youth outreach. Read more