KCKK Branch of URALCHEM, JSC in Kirovo-Chepetsk

KCKK branch of URALCHEM, JSC in Kirovo-Chepetsk is one of the largest producers of mineral fertilizers: ammonium nitrate, nitrophosphate, NP fertilizers with several brands of complex fertilizers (NPK, NPKS).

KCKK Branch enjoys an enormous scientific, technological and engineering potential. Its reputation as a trustworthy partner and producer of unique high-quality goods is well known in Russia and abroad.

The plant is located 4 km away from Kirovo-Chepetsk and 15 km away from Kirov. The factory occupies an area of 263 hectares.

The production process of KCKK Branch (the same as in most nitrogen fertilizers producing plants) is based on the following processing chain: ammonia — nitric acid — ammonium nitrate.

The plant produces more than 2.5 million tons of finished products annually. Today there are more than ten brands of mineral fertilizers, such as ammonium nitrate, nitrophosphate, calcium ammonium nitrate nitrophosphatecalcium calcium nitrate and various brands of fertilizers NPK, NPKS. The company's products are regularly awarded a diploma of the contest "100 best products of Russia".

Raw materials containing phosphorus play an important role in production of fertilizers: the factory can produce a variety of highly margin products by adding them to intermediate products made of ammonia. The factory’s technology makes it possible to produce various brands of complex (NPK) fertilizers to meet customer orders.

The production complex of the branch" KCHK " allows to produce a wide range of products and mainly to vary it depending on demand and prices.


Address: 6/2, Presnenskaya naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia, 123112

Location of company's structure unit:7, Pozharniy side street, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Kirov region, Russia, 613040.

Tel.: +7-800-302-04-20 (52021)

Fax: +7 (83361) 9-44-51

E-mail: kckk@uralchem.com